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The Magical Armchair is a loosely-moderated discussion group revolving around Ben Folds Five, a musical group from Chapel Hill, N.C. Described as "Punk Rock for Sissies" by pianist/vocalist Ben Folds, the group play innovative songs with catchy melodies and soaring harmony, from jazzy palm-court arrangements to Little Richard-style rockin', using a unique guitarless piano/bass/drums lineup.

Please note that this is an e-mail mailing list, not a postal mailing list, and has no "official" connection with the band. Although it is read by the band, it is run by fans, for fans.

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Sample Issue

To see what it's all about, read a recent issue of the Armchair.

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The List of Music Mailing Lists, a valuable resource for locating lists about many many bands, seems to have fallen into disrepair. The most recent version known is linked above. I am checking with the list's original maintainer to see what has happened.

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