Minneapolis Review of Ben Folds Five

Wednesday Jan. 31


The amazing thing about the almost perfect self-titled debut album of 
Ben Folds Five is that repeated listenings haven't worn the hooks or the 
jokes thin. Ben Folds pounds his baby grand like a speed-fueled Todd 
Rundgren acolyte; but although this is essentially retro 70's piano pop 
with a post-punk rhythm section, the piano bar/showtune undercurrents 
are undeniable. How else can you explain a ballad like the wistful but 
infectious "Boxing," wherein Muhhamed Ali speaks through Folds - 
"Boxing's been good to me, Howard." Three months ago in the Entry, this 
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, trio wasn't even topping the bill - they 
were warming up for Heather Nova. Today it's surprising (they) haven't 
graduated to the Main Room yet. Three Lb. Thrill and the Customers open.
7th Street Entry, Minneapolis     -Gilyard
From Astro Moondoggie